• Mr. Licopoli


    Students should check their email for links to the Nov 2, 2021 virtual classes.  They are required to log in for attendance purposes but will be working independently on their current research project.


     Students will be using their OneNote notebook for all instructions as well as learning activities throughout the year.

    Need some electives to meet your requirements to graduate?  Looking for an AP course to obtain a Scholar's Diploma?

    Choose one of the classes to discover what interests you the most!

    Each 'class' page informs you how long the class is, what topics the class includes, homework, and tons more!

    Website Resources:

    https://support.microsoft.com/en-us  Microsoft's website supporting any of the Microsofts apps in 365 including OneNote.

    Click on the appropriate window below to log in and see your student (Canvas) calendar. 

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