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  • On Monday, April 6, we will enter "Phase 2" of Distance Learning as indicated by CBSD administration in their posted plan:

    Distance Learning-Phase 2 Plan

    Mrs. Maida met with students in a scheduled meeting on Wednesday, 4/1 and Thursday, 4/2 to discuss these changes. A “Distance Learning Plan Phase II Instructions for Mrs. Maida’s Classes” was also sent out to all students and parents via email.

    For daily distance learning outline's click on the Distance Learning Tab to the left, then on your particular class.

    Here is a summary of phase 2 information:


    Students/parents will find a general outline of the day’s work within their class distance learning tab on SchoolWires. For more detailed PowerPoints/class materials/submission pages YOU WILL NEED TO ACCESS CANVAS.  Assignments must be completed by the advertised deadlines.  Students will receive feedback regarding whether or not proficiency is attained.  Students who have not attained proficiency will receive specific guidance regarding follow-up activities and deadlines. 

    Students should attend classroom check-ins (i.e. synchronous time) on Monday/ Wednesday’s or Tuesday/Thursday’s via Microsoft Teams as follows:

    When attending online meetings, students must abide by CB Online Meeting Guidelines.


    Students can reach out any time for help.  That should be done using email or the Teams chat feature.  It will be most likely that we can connect during the synchronous hours posted above. Individual meetings with every student will not be possible, nor will "on demand" help, assistance provided at the instant it is requested. 

    As with Phase 1 of distance learning, to promote student collaboration, it is best for students to request help as follows:

    Connect with other students from class.  

    Identify specific concepts and questions that require additional help / clarification.  Do not plan to ask for help with "everything."  This approach makes online meetings inefficient, making it less likely that our sessions will be useful.

    Once a group of students has identified problem spots, ask a group leader to reach out with days/times that work well for your schedules.  Do not request times when other CBSD classes meet.

    Mrs. Maida will schedule meetings based on this availability.


    The primary tool for communication, especially classroom check-ins (i.e. synchronous time) will be Microsoft Teams and email. 

    Content will be delivered via Canvas as normal. 

    For Distance Learning Activities - Click on the Distance Learning Tab on the Left.
    Please visit CANVAS for all class postings.
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    M.Ed. Slippery Rock University: Secondary Education - Biology
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    • Class of 2016 Advisor (2013-2016)
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    Scholarly Papers / Presentations:

    • Layne, Jack R.; Leszczynski, Christine F (2008, October) Cold Hardiness and Postfreeze Metabolism in Caterpillars of Hypercompe scribonia (Arctiidae: Lepidoptera) , Entomological Society of America
    • Leszczynski, Christine (2008, January 3). Effective of Prior Freeze Exposure on Cold Hardiness of Woolly Bear Caterpillars Presentation. The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference, San Antonio, Texas.