• Hello and welcome to Mr. Kesilman's web page!

    Here are links to information about the classes I teach:

    Digital Imaging 1 using Adobe Photoshop

    Digital Imaging 2 using Photoshop (Advanced course with prerequisite Digital Imaging 1) 

    Graphic Design & Illustration (formerly titled Computer Graphics: Illustration & Design) using Adobe Illustrator

    Intro to 3D Modeling and Animation 3D Modeling and animation using Maya, Sculptris, and other software

    Drawing & Painting 2 - Advanced drawing and painting techniques (Prerequisite Drawing & Painting 1)


    You can contact me at skesilman@cbsd.org or 267 893-3000 ext 6145. Email is usually the most effective way to get in touch with me. I am often available after school, but please check with me ahead of meeting with me. For Lunch & Learn, I have Learn hours for the first half, and then Lunch for the second.


    Parents: Click this link for Canvas Parent Observer Access directions to be able to observe your child's Canvas courses.

    To access grades and information about specific assignments, please check Canvas or the Parent Portal.


    I am the teacher sponsor for the following clubs at South:
    Set Painting for South's Fall & Spring plays/musicals. Set painting days are certain Saturdays 9 AM - 2 PM while preparing for the show (contact me for dates)
    Sketch Club - meets every Wednesday after school 2:35 - 2:45 PM)
    and I assist Mr. Woodring with Operation Eternal Gratitude (OEG).
    I also was the co-sponsor along with Mr. Balkit for our two South murals.
    Listen for announcements about all of these clubs and you can always contact me for more information.

    A little about me:
    The 2023-24 school year is my 14th year at CB South, my 22nd year in Central Bucks, and my 29th year teaching overall.
    Besides teaching all four digital art classes, I have previously taught Intro to Ceramics, Ceramics 1 and Drawing & Painting 1 & 2 at CB South. I also taught Visual Arts (7 & 8) and PEN at Unami Middle School, and I was the sponsor of the Unami Claymation Club, yearbook, newspaper and set design. I have also taught classes at CB West and Tamanend, as well as summer art classes in the Community School and weekend art courses elsewhere. 

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or information that you need.