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  • Welcome to Trudie Glazewski's Site!


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     Welcome to Trudie Glazewski's Home Page!

    The students and staff in the Multiple Disabilities Support (MDS) Classroom are having a great year during this 2019 - 2020 school year! 

    In our classroom we are using Unique Learning System and News 2 You which offer wonderful comprehension stories that we use daily to address the Seasons, Weather, Holidays, Daily Living and Functional Life Skills, and many other wonderful topics!

    The students in the Multiply Disabled Support class participate in Prevocational and Vocational activities throughout Central Bucks South High School every day. We are very busy every day doing our school "Jobs" such as:

    - Laundry: Picking up gym pinnies, washing and drying them, folding them and then delivering them back to the gym teachers.

    - Library Jobs: Dusting with Swiffer dusters, adding paper to copy machines, and pushing in chairs.

    - Cafeteria Jobs: Taking the trays that students use and carrying them to the kitchen counter so that they can be washed.

    - Mail Delivery: Students go to the mail room and check teacher mail, put it in envelopes for the various teachers, and deliver it to that teachers classroom.

    We attend Titan Forum - CB South's homeroom, with other students.

    We also have fun with our Titan Connect buddies in the gym doing activites such as bowling and parachute activities, obstacle courses, etc. We also have another group of Titan Connect Buddies who come to our classroom and participate in Musical Instruments, Board Games, Wii Games, Crafts, Cooking, etc.

    Our students work on many other skills such as daily living, personal grooming skills, and cooking. We practice fine motor skills, social skills and communication, and gross motor skills during our school day. Everyone enjoys playing musical instruments and learning new songs during classroom music sessions.

    We have a great group of students and staff, and we always have smiles on our faces and a song in our hearts!

    Our favorite motto's are:

    "Positive Thoughts Attract Positive Results" and "Be Kind To Everyone Every Day!"

    Wishing everyone smiles and sunshine!

    Trudie :)    

    Smiles and sunshine!