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  • Did you know...
    • At the end of the 19th century, 60 million people spoke Spanish. Today, almost 500 million people worldwide speak Spanish!
    • Spanish is the second most used language in international communication.
    • The Hispanic population in the USA has grown by 60% in just one decade. The 39 million Hispanics currently living in the USA make up 12.5% of the total population.
    • Latin culture has had a global influence on architecture, art and literature. ‘Don Quijote de la Mancha’ by Miguel de Cervantes is the second most translated book in the world after the Bible. And the most expensive painting ever sold is a Picasso.
  • Here are some helpful tips for studying Spanish:

    1. Review EVERY NIGHT for 10 to 15 minutes. Go over new and old vocabulary. Study the grammar concepts.

    2. Practice-- repeat things out loud, teach someone at home, practice having a conversation with a friend

    3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes! We all make mistakes. The more you use the lanugage to communicate the more comfortable you will feel speaking the language.

    4. Participate in class everyday. Again, the more you are using the language the more comfortable you become and the more you will learn.

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