Mr. Daley's Homework Page

    WEEK OF 3-18-19 THROUGH 3-22-19


    TUESDAY ~  Complete the notes you started on page 12 on "How did nobles Live?" and "what was peasant life like?"  Blue text pages 526-528.

    Blue Text Chapter 15 Middle Ages

    WEDNESDAY ~ Complete the groth of towns and cities sheet started in class today!

    THURSDAY ~ Tbd!

    FRIDAY ~ Review sheet handed out today for the quiz next Friday!


    WEEK OF 3-11-19 THROUGH 3-15-19

    MONDAY ~ Cover Page for the Middle Ages Due Friday!  10 labeled pictures.

    TUESDAY ~  Tbd!

    WEDNESDAY ~ None

    THURSDAY ~ Vikings reading and questions if not finished in class! we are creating Viking Public service announcements in class Friday!

    FRIDAY ~ None

    WEEK OF 3-4-19 THROUGH 3-8-19

    MONDAY ~ Snow Day!

    TUESDAY ~  Check canvas for the project over view.  We started our research on our figure for Black History month power point for Friday!  15 to 20 minutes of work each night will make friday a great day of learning for all of us!

    WEDNESDAY ~ Your research should be complete or close to it!  Begin working on your power point we will finish them in class Thursday in class!

    THURSDAY ~ Make sure your power point is ready to go for tomorrow!

    FRIDAY ~ In class directions

    1. Set your laptop up on the outside walls of the classroom with your power point up and ready to go!

    2. Get a notes sheet for the power points you will view

    3. Get settled and we will begin the rotation.  We will be on a timer so be ready to go.


    WEEK OF 2- 25-19 THROUGH 3-1-19

    MONDAY ~ Write 3 quotes from confucius on page 16 of your notebook and be ready to explain what they mean in class tomorrow!  Remember they cannot be any of the 4 i already gave you on the handout in class today!  Brainy quotes might be a good source?

    TUESDAY ~  Religions Quiz on Thursday! start Studying soon!

    WEDNESDAY ~ Religions quiz moved to friday! 


    FRIDAY ~ None! 

    WEEK OF 2- 18-19 THROUGH 2-22-19

    MONDAY ~ No School Presidents day! 

    TUESDAY ~  Knowledge check on islam today!

    WEDNESDAY ~ Keep the review sheet up to date as we finish each new philosophy or religion!

    THURSDAY ~ Look over your review sheet each night for 5-10 minutes!

    FRIDAY ~ Quiz Midweek next week, probably Thursday? 


    WEEK OF 2- 11-19 THROUGH 2-15-19

    MONDAY ~ Judaism Check tomorrow!  Islam power point ~ Islam ppt

    TUESDAY ~  Islam check next Tuesday!

    WEDNESDAY ~ Islam Knowledge check on Tuesday!

    THURSDAY ~ No School

    FRIDAY ~ No school 


    WEEK OF 2- 4-19 THROUGH 2-8-19

    MONDAY ~ Practice your presentation if you have not presented yet!

    TUESDAY ~ Cover Page Due Wednesday!

    WEDNESDAY ~ Religions cover page, be sure to include 10 different pictures about a variety of religions!

    THURSDAY ~ None! For Class today if needed 

    Knowledge check Friday on Christianity!

    FRIDAY ~ Free Weekend


    Week of 1-28-19 Through 2-1-19

    Monday ~ 1/2 Day!

    Tuesday ~ None! Visual aid requirements: 

         Be thinking of what you are going to say and how you will organize your script and visual aid for next Thursdays Presentations!

    Visual Aid (Power Point) guidelines ~

    1. 2 slides for each sub topic!  Remember there are 4 subtopics!
    2. At least one picture per slide that helps explain the content.
    3. 3-4 bullet points of content (not just 1 word and not complete sentences)
    4. An intro slide and a concluding slide for a total of 10 or more slides!

     Wednesday ~ All Scripts for the Greco Roman Project Due!

    Thursday ~ Visuals Due and Presentations Begin! 

    Friday ~ Presentations Continue!


    Week of 11-17-2014 -11-21-2014

    Monday ~ Roman Republic  One page! Summaries and Pictures both on the timeline! Check page 8 of your notebook for the content.

    Tuesday ~ None!

    Wednesday ~ TBD

    Thursday ~ Thanksgiving Article

    Friday ~