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    And the Winner of the Cupcake competition is:
    Block 1 - kitchen 4 (fruits)
    Block 3 - Kitchen 1 (sesame Street)
        Best Pizza Ever!                                                                                                 
    I often wonder if I was born on the wrong coast.  I spent some time in California over the past two years, and I am impressed with their appreciation for garden fresh foods. There is an unspoken peer pressure to eat well:  I love that concept!  It is my goal to bring that same thought process to Central Bucks students and families as I teach Family and Consumer Sciences this year.  
    In addition to sharing my love of food, I also hope to share my knowledge of money management, goal setting, and sewing with my students.  I have the pleasure of teaching so many life lessons through these topics that will help to provide a solid foundation of skills as your child prepares for life after Central Bucks.  I know it is hard to think about that now, but it will be here quickly!  
    If you have any questions about American Cuisine, Global Gourmet, 9th Grade Foods for Life, 9th Grade Sewing, or Family and Consumer Sciences, please don't hesitate to email me at mamcdonald@cbsd.org.  I look forward to an exciting school year! 
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