• Mr. Robinson:  9th Grade Social Studies

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  • Our focus is American history from 1890-2001 with emphasis on understanding the “big ideas and themes” that are still relevant in today’s world.  Course work will help students meet standards in history, geography, economics, and government.  Both textbooks, The Americans* and History Alive!**, are available on the teacher website.  Current events from a variety of sources are also featured in class.  The “understanding by design” curriculum features essential questions (EQs) & enduring understandings (EUs) in five units of study: 

    I:  America as a World Power                                       Ch. 10 & 11* and 19-25**

    II:  1920s, Great Depression, New Deal                        Ch. 12-15* and 26-33**

    III:  World War II and Early Cold War                           Ch. 16-18* and 34-40**

    IV:  Decades of Change                                               Ch. 19-24* and 41-55*

    V:  End of the Cold War and Contemporary America       Ch. 24-26, Epilogue* and 56-60**