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     Madame Gluck
    Unami Middle School
    2023 - 2024

    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,


    I am so excited about working with you and getting to know you (even better) over the course of the school year!

    If you are in my French One or French Two course  The most important thing for you to know is that you and your family members are already successful language learners.  After all, you learned English (or whichever language was your first)!  So I’m confident that you can learn French.

    We will do lots of communicating in French class, and students, you will have many opportunities to become (even more) comfortable and (even more) successful at communicating in French. You will be watching videos of short scenes and interviews filmed in various French-speaking countries around the world, as well as funny rap songs (that you can rap along with, or even rap yourself using the karaoke version).  You’ll also learn to sing silly songs to help you remember vocabulary and verbs.  You will usually spend a large part of your French class period actually communicating in French with a partner or small group.  Yes, there will be hard work, but there will also be a lot of interesting, unusual, and fun activities to help you.

    This year’s syllabus (=“Important Information and Helpful Hints") for French Class is available on this webpage, as well as on my Canvas site. My Canvas site is also where you'll find dated assignments.  All handouts, however, are on this website.


    I look forward to working together with you, both students and parents/guardians.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or just to touch base.



  • Robi Gluck 

    (Although the kids call me "Madame,"

    parents and guardians, I would much

    prefer that you call me

    by my first name:  Robi.)

    Unami Middle School

    French Teacher

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