• Mr. Sanchez
    Tamanend Middle School
    Choral Director
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    Welcome to Tamanend Chorus 2019-2020!
    All chorus students (including those in Chieftain Chorus or auditioning for Chieftain Chorus) need to fill out the following informational survey.  Please be sure you that after you click 'submit' you get a message that you have successfully completed the survey.  Click HERE to complete the survey.

    The Tamanend Choral Calendar below can be customized based on which groups' calendar you would like to see.  If you are familiar with Google calendars, this will look familiar.   Look for the downward facing triangle in the upper right corner of the calendar.  By clicking this triangle you can select only those groups you would like to see displayed on the calendar.  Always leave "Tamanend Choral Program - General" checked, so you see the announcements I make there.