Mrs. MacMinn's Math Website

    Welcome to a new year of math! I look forward to helping you to deepen your understanding of math this year. The material will be challenging, but you will succeed if you consistently work hard, think deeply, and ask questions! The material we learn this year will be the foundation of your high school coursework, and it will be assessed extensively on future assessments, like the SAT. Come ready to work hard and learn EVERY day!


    All homework assignments are listed in OneNote and on the Canvas calendar.  If you are unclear on what the homework involves on any given day, contact a classmate or email me (by 3:00 pm).

    If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to copy all missed class notes from a classmate, ask for help if needed, and complete and turn-in any missed assignments.

    You may see your grade for completed assignments by accessing the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Please note that assignments are not entered daily, so you might not see a grade immediately. Also, homework assignments are often entered in larger "chunks" (i.e. 5 different homework assignments may be added together to appear as one 10-point homework grade).

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