•  Science Orientation Days - Wednesday 4/1 and Thursday 4/2

    Estimated time: 20 minutes 


    • Connect in Teams!  Follow the link found in your Outlook Calendar for YOUR CLASS at the time specified. 
    • Listen. Mrs. Lovuolo will give you a brief overivew of what the next phase of science learning will look like.
    • Orient to Canvas.  Mrs. Lovuolo will show you our new module area in Canvas.
    • Answer!  Answer a simple 1-question quiz in a canvas Distance Learning module. 

    3rd Period - Wed 4/1 at noon

    4th Period - Wed 4/1 at 1:30

    5th Period - Thursday 4/2 at 9 am

    6th Period - Thursday 4/2 at 10 am

    7th Period - Thursday 4/2 at noon


    Date 3/31/20

    Flux Challenge Day 2 of 2

    Estimated time: 30 minutes 


    • Build! Add the final touches on your creation from yesterday. Wrap it up and test it out!
    • Share! Create a 30-60 second FlipGrid video as a pitch to investors or as a commercial. 
      • https://flipgrid.com/lovflux2

      • Be creative and have fun!  Feel free to have siblings, pets, or family members help you demonstrate!  Show off your prototype and use the questions on FlipGrid as a guide for what to talk to about.
    • The FLUX website encourages you to share on social media, you DO NOT need to do this step.
    • Connect! Finally, spend a few minutes watching and liking the creations of your classmates in FlipGrid and leave any constructive feedback you think they would benefit from hearing.




    Methods of Communication: 

    Feel free to email or send a message on Canvas at any time if you have questions or concerns



    Date: Monday 3/30/2020

    Flux Challenge Day 1 of 2


    Overview: With the great success of our first try, the science department has decided to do another FLUX Challenge! You will work on this for 2 days this time, since you are already familiar with the process. Have fun!


    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes



    1. Choose! Go to the Flux website (https://fluxspace.io/fluxosc/) and read Challenge #6 , 7, and 9. Decide which of these you would like to build:

    • Challenge 6 = catapult
    • Challenge 7 = boat
    • Challenge 9 = roller coaster


    2. Brainstorm! Write down various ideas. Create a sketch of your project and a list of the household materials you will need to build your prototype. Remember, only use materials that you already have at home!


    3. Prepare! Gather the materials you plan on using! Use craft materials, recyclables, building blocks, sticks, etc. Get creative and be resourceful!


    4. Build! Begin tinkering today, knowing that you should stick to the 1/2 hour time limit. You'll finish tomorrow.


    **No submission is required today. This is only part one of the assignment. Tomorrow you will finish building and submit in FlipGrid with our custom class link. You will receive feedback from me and from your classmates!