(formerly known as The Monthly Robe)

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    All virtual learning assignments, modules, etc. can be found in the 7th, 8th and 9th Grade Chorus courses on Canvas.  
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    Important Announcements & Info:   
    • Stay tuned for updates on Robe/H practice schedule for remainder of year.  
     This Week's Choir Schedule/Special Events:
    T 5/4 - Freaky Friday "Orange" Watch Party - 3:00-4:30
            - Both Casts & All Crew Invited!!!!
    W 5/5 - "Hybrid" Robe 3-4/"Hybrid" H-Factor 4-5
    Th 5/6 - "Hybrid" Robe 3-4/"Hybrid" H 4-5/FF Orange "Social" Premiere @ 7
    F 5/7 - Freaky Friday @ 7
    S 5/8 - Freaky Friday @ 2 & 7
    Sun 5/9 - Freaky Friday @ 2
    Next Week's Choir Schedule/Special Events:
    T 5/11 - Freaky Friday "Purple" Watch Party - 3:00-4:30
            - Both Casts & All Crew Invited!!!!
    W 5/12 - "Hybrid" Robe 3-4/"Hybrid" H-Factor 4-5
    Th 5/13 - All Virtual Robe 3-4/All Virtual H 4-5/FF Purple "Social" Premiere @ 7
    F 5/14 - Freaky Friday @ 7
    S 5/15 - Freaky Friday @ 2 & 7
    Sun 5/16 - Freaky Friday @ 2

    Upcoming Performances/Special Events
    TBA - 9th Grade Theme Concert:  The Digital Music Revolution 7PM (via Microsoft Teams) 
    TH 5/6 - Freaky Friday Orange Cast Premiere!
    W 5/12 - 9th Grade Protest Songfest
    TH 5/13 - Freaky Friday Purple Cast Premiere!
    T 5/18 - Sequestered Songfest #11 - Instrumental Only, Numero Tres
    M 5/24 - Sequestered Songfest #12 - Vocal/Choral: Anything Goes
    TH 5/27 - Holicong Virtual Cabaret Live Premiere
     The rehearsal and performance schedule for all choral groups is updated regularly on Mr. Glaser's calendar page.
    Click here to download/print the Holicong Choir make up/excuse form if you need to miss a 7th, 8th or 9th Grade Choir after school rehearsal.  Remember, you must inform Mr. Glaser prior to missing the rehearsal (unless you have a legitimate last minute emergency).  It's best to email him or send a Remind message so there is a record of you communicating.