• Mrs. Davidson
    Health and Physical Education
    Welcome Back!
     I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are geared up and ready for a great year!
    Please be prepared to bring in your receipt from MPP for your lock and we will assign lockers on your first day of PE.
    Day one of PE will be squad spots and locker distribution.
    Day two will be doing an orientation to the class and will hopefully we will be starting exercise.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students will not be wearing PE uniforms this year.  Students will still be required to change into appropriate athletic gear.  If you have any questiong regarding the new policy please reach out to me.
  • Hello, Welcome to my Health and Physical Education Class Website.  
    Physical Education Yearly Goal:
    My goal is to promote lifelong physical fitness for all tyes of students.  I will provide the tools that students need to become and maintain physically fit throughout their life beyond the doors of School.  At the middle school level we believe in introducing many different activities and games with the hope that each individual will find an activity that they enjoy and want to continue to participate as they get older.   
    Some of our indoor activities include:
    Weight training
    Cooperative activities and group challenges such as the time bomb, hula hoop challenge, partner trust falls, rope swimg, human peg board, etc
    Group games such as flicker ball, kruk ball, team handball, gatorball, coneball, pinball, etc 
    Sports such as basketball, volleyball, wiffle tennis, badmitten
    Group Fitness: Yoga, Kick Boxing, Step aerobics, Zumba, etc.
    Dance: Ballroom, Hip Hop, swing, and circle/line dancing 
    Some of our outdoor activiteis include:
    Aerobic Activity: walking, jogging
    Sports: Pickle ball, Football, Softball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Street Hockey, Frisbee Golf.
    Cooperative games: Capture the flag, Ultimate Frisbee, Tag Games, etc.
    My Health Goal:
    My Goal is to provide a braod spectrum of knowledge concerning important health issues for a middle school student.
    Some of the topics we cover are:
    Human Growth and Development
    Drugs and Alcohol
    Personal Safety
    Social and Emotional Wellness
    Feel Free to contact me at any time.  I am here to help!  Thanks for viewing my website and I look forward to working with you!