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    Welcome to the PEN home page for Mr. Fillette.
    I hope everyone is well.  I am still looking for someone to solve last week's puzzle. If you solve it, send me an email.   This week I will be working hard to get us all on a regular learning schedule.  I will be sending out an email to your parents today.  Please take this week to finish up any projects that are unfinished in the Distance Learning Tab. 
    2nd Grade - Keep making those compound machines.  Send me a picure if you make one.
    3rd Grade - Make those game tutorials.  Please email me your tutorial or post it right on our One Note.
    4th Grade - Finish up to the Assembly portion of your projects if possible.  We will start conferences next week.
    5th and 6th Initiative -  Important:  You were sent invitations to a meeting with Dr. Leatherbarrow if you are on an initiative.  Those meetings are Wednesday and we need to prepare.
     5th and 6th Robotics teams start filling up our Distance Learning One Note with your completed robotics work.
    Way to go Sung Yup on solving your second puzzle.  The answer was Thomas.  If Thomas had three other inventor's on his team, then he must be the fourth member.  Keep working on those projects in the distance learning tab.  Next week I will be updating the activities.  I hope that you have been enjoying them.  Please post your work to our One Note.  If you do not know about the One Note, check your email.  
    Brain Teaser Challenge of the Day:  Email the answer below to Mr. Fillette.
    Congratulations to Neha who shared a thoughtful drawing for a logo on the One Note.  The Wasp Trap Invention team is really starting to come together.  Finn was also very active with his logo today.  Great work!  Sam was the first third grader to turn in his tutorial for the game sorry.  I will be posting his analysis on the One Note page at the end of the week.  Bummer...no one solved the movie scramble in the One Note.  The answer was The Greatest Showman.  Here is your new problem. 
    Brain Teaser of the Day:  Thomas's Invention Team had four of the greatest inventors with some of the strangest names.  Their names were Uno, Dos, Tres and ______ .  What was the name of the fourth inventor?  Email me the answer.
    Eveyone, please take a look at yesterday's post that shows the different grade-level responsibilities.  I would love for everyone to get in the habit of coming on here daily and seeing our daily brain teaser and seeing the daily message.
    3/25/20  Hi everyone!  It was so great to see many of you connecting and using our One Note.  Sam it was great to see your message on "The Wall" in the notebook.  And Yani, you did some great work creating tabs for your team and loading all of your Diversity Work onto the tabs.  The Invention logos and slogans are coming along great and I am hoping that engineers might take some photos of your work so far and put it on the One Note.  The Unscramble Puzzle from the other day is still unsolved.  I am giving one more day to see if someone collect all the random letters in the One Note and unscramble them to spell out the movie I watched.  I gave you capital letters for the letters that start each word.  Congratulations to Sung Yup who had solved the puzzle "In PEN we can overcome anything."  Great job Sung Yup!  I am going to leave you a couple of grade level specific things below.
    2nd Grade - Hopefully you are working on building a compound machine (click on the Distance Learning tab for more info).  When you are finished building, please have       your parent send me an email so I can post what you have done on the site.
    3rd Grade - You can send me your board game tutorials to post or you can insert them directly into the One Note page I made for your team.  To post, click the insert button.
    4th Grade - Keep doing what you are doing with the inventions.  Move forward with Assembly.  When you are finished, please make sure everything is posted on your One Note and I will give you feedback before you move on to the next phase of the machine.  Engineers, please remember that this isn't the time for all of the details and decorations.  This is the time to get things working, or at least get things to appear like they are working if it just isn't possible for you to accomplish with your skill level and your access to resources.
    5th and 6th Robotics - Please move all of your notes, design ideas into your One Note.  Please reread the directions in Delta of Design and make sure you have completed all of the steps.
    5th and 6th Initiative- Dr. Leatherbarrow would like to set up a Teams meeting with us next Wednesday morning so you can pitch your ideas.  Get your Power Point ready and put together a script so everyone knows what to say.  When you make a Power Point, there are options to put notes at the bottom of each slide.  This could be a way for you to split up the work of what you will say during each slide.  Also, she had wanted us to hand her some sort of proposal form.  Maybe we can email one on the day of our meeting.
    5th and 6th All - If you have had the chance to start an at home initiative (something you always wanted to get started with at home but never actually intiated it) please use the tab that I created on the One Note to post a paragraph or even a video about what you accomplished. 
    Hello boys and girls.   I am so proud of the students who have been working on their PEN projects.  I have not had anyone correctly solve the last two puzzles.  I will give you one more day to solve yesterday's scrambled up title of a movie I watched.  All you need to do is collect the letters from the pages of the one note and unscramble.  I'm counting on you.  The Rebus Puzzle answer from 3/19 is "In PEN we can overcome anything.  ("we can" is literally over "come anything" and all of this is literally in the word PEN).  Today I would like all 3-6 grade students to post a message to the wall on our Distance Learning One Note.  Check your email. Let's start sharing the work we are accomplishing with our long-term projects.  2nd Graders send me any pictures of the long term projects that you have worked on.   Please be safe and make the best of this time.  
    Good morning friends.  I am hopeful that you are feeling happy and motivated.  Remember during this time to do things that make you feel happy.  Usimg your creativity is a great way to do this.  I will give you one more day to sove the puzzle from 3/19.  I will leave it up there.  I will give you a little help...It is a sentence and it starts with "In PEN".   
    This week, continue with your long term projects from last week.  I will be updating the long-term project information to include further activities in the case that you finish.
    Important for 3-6 Graders - Today I am sending you a One Note through the email (3rd Graders use office 365 and go to One Notes Shared with me).  It is a distance learning One Note that will allow us to colloborate and post our work.  A One Note is kind of like having a binder.  Hidden in the pages of the One Note are letters that spell out a movie I watched last night.  You will have to unscramble the letters to find out this movie.  I will give you the first word of the three word title.  "The".  I capitalized the first letters of the other two words and color coded them to help you. 
    Hi everyone.  I will return on Monday for more distance learning.  Have a great weekend. 
    P.S. No one solved my puzzle yet.
    I hope you are all doing well and getting familiar with distance learning.  I am so proud of everyone who has been working on their PEN work.  Congratulations to Connor (4th Grade Linden) for being the first to respond correctly to the brainteaser below.  The answer to yesterday's puzzle is this..."The first person to solve this puzzle should send Mr. Fillette an email."  Great job Connor!  Jason and Matt are doing some great thinking towards their group's robotics work.  Larissa, Jake, and Sam are all getting their invention work back underway.  Use the Distance Learning tab to keep working on your long-term project.  Your next challenge is to solve the Rebus Puzzle that I created.  You must know the exact wording to get this one correct, and you should email me if you get the answer.  I am attaching a link to Rebus Puzzles so you can practice them in case you are not familar with them.  Rebus Puzzle Practice  Maybe you can create one of your own for me to solve.
    Rebus Puzzle
    Hi boys and girls.  I hope you had a great first day with Distance Learning.  If you didn't stop in yesterday, please read the messge for yesterday to understand.  Congratulations to Harry (Linden 4th) and Aidan Warwick 6th) on taking initiative and reaching out to their teams for the long-term projects.  Remember to work on your distance learning projects approximately twice a week if possible.  Use the Distance Learning tabs to remind yourself of the long-term projects.  Try to check in each day to see what kinds of messages and activies I post for your hungry brains.  Can you solve the puzzle below?  If you can, you will know exactly what to do.
    Secret Message  
    Important message:  Due to the school closing  PEN activities are available to keep your creativity and higher level thinking skills sharp.  Every day I will be updating the site with resources and activities.  Go to the Distance Learning tab to see the long term projects that I have planned for you in the nexst two weeks.  You may choose to work on these during your scheduled PEN days if you prefer.  Every day I will post new messages and activites for you on this page of my site.  So make sure you pop in each day to see what is going on in the world of PEN.  I miss eveyone, and I hope we can explore new ways of staying connected and keeping our PEN community going.  If you get a chance, you can email me and let me know how you are doing.
    4-6 graders, I may be asking you to use email, so if you are unsure how to access your email, please practice by logging on to Office 365.  You can send me an email letting me know how you are doing if you want to send a test email to get comfortable.