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    Primary Pen:
     This week we finished up our wheel and axle activities and moved onto the pulley.  We hope you have enjoyed seeing our various happenings on SeeSaw :) 

      Third Grade:
    We were introduced to a few more game mechanics and were able to play our fifth core board game--Survive! 
    Fourth Grade:
    We are working through the Assembly/Packaging portion of the Invention Machine. 

          Fifth and Sixth Grade: 
    We are in full blown mission mode!   One of our groups has succesfully completed their first mission accruing 20 points in 7 seconds. Our goal is to get to 300 points in three minutes.  We will be launching our Dollars for Donations initiative in April.  Stay tuned for more details!
  • Please check back often to see all the exciting hapPENings this year!