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    Dear Third Graders and Third Grade Families,
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  • Mission Statement:

    Titus Elementary believes in providing second chance learning when students have not demonstrated their understanding of secure grade level skills. Second chance learning includes the re-teaching of secure skills followed by a reassessment of those concepts. These opportunities will vary based on individual student needs and teacher discretion. Parents/students will be notified when second chance learning is necessary.


    On progress reports, student grades and teacher comments will reflect the second chance learning given throughout the marking period. 

    Second Chance Learning is an opportunity for:

    Re-testing is offered when:

        • Teacher to re-teach SECURE skills in a small group or one on one
        • Teacher to provide scaffolded instruction
        • Student to demonstrate understanding in a different format (verbal instead of written, alternate question types, etc.)



        • Student does not require re-teaching
        • Student did not adequately prepare for an assessment
        • Student did not follow assessment directions or made careless mistakes