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    Hello students and parents!  Thank you for visiting the Butler Elementary Learning Support website.  We hope that you will visit this site often to check daily homework as well as student and parent resources.   
    Contact Us:
    Ms. Detweiler
    267-893-4250 Ext. 1468
    Ms. Lauren Dopson
    267-893-4250 Ext. 1770
    Mrs. Dudzinski
    267-893-4250 Ext. 1636
    Mrs. Durns
    267-893-4250 Ext. 1685
    Mrs. Matteson
    267-893-4250 Ext. 1671
    Mrs. Firely
    267-893-4250 Ext. 1655
  • Welcome to Intermediate Learning Support! There are many exciting things in store for you this year! I am very excited to work with you this year!


  • Mrs. Krista Firely, M. Ed
    Sixth Grade Learning Support Teacher
    Simon Butler Elementary
    Phone- 267-893-4250 x 1655