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    ***Bird Cam


    Dear Parents and Guardians and Fifth grade peeps,

    Hello, my new fifth graders or as I like to call you, my peeps! You have been doing great things virtually! Keep up the great work following the rules and TEAMS etiquette.

    The week of September 14 we begin a regular school day virtually.  

    How do you and I meet virtually for school?  Follow the steps listed below. After you click on Canvas, look for the course titled "Homeroom".  We will ALWAYS start in homeroom with the pledge in TEAMS. Find the  link for our Homeroom Teams Call. It can also be found in the chat bar too. Click on it to JOIN. 





     If you haven't had a chance, please click here to see the Move-up Day video.  Feel free to send an email introducing yourself and sharing your hobbies and interests.  Guardians, feel free to drop me an email too - to share about your child's interests and their strengths and where you would like me to aid in their growth. 


        Take care of yourselves, my peeps!  I can't wait to meet you and to learn about you.

                                                   Mrs. Nolt





     Future Assignment Links:

    • SeeSaw - is accessible to everyone through your launch pad; but if it is not working you maydo this:

    •  1. Students go to https://app.seesaw.me on a computer.  2. Students tap “I’m a Student”. 3. Students scan their code using Seesaw’s built-in QR code reader or type in their text code to access their Seesaw account.

    • Social Studies Text  - Click here for TCI

    • Math - Model for bar modeling

    • Logging on to Office 365 and accessing student resources

    •  Cornell Feeder Watch Bird Cam


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