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    Dear Parents and Guardians,


              December  is a short month with the winter break starting on December 23, Monday.  During this time we will be quite busy with wrapping up our energy unit and starting our studies on the colonies in Social Studies.  





    December 4 -  is a HALF-DAY and dismissal begins around 12:35 PM

    December 11 - Report cards issued on the portal

    December 12 and 13 - EARLY DISMISSAL  due to parent conferences. 

    December 19, Thursday - Winter holiday party in the afternoon

    December 20, Friday - Half-day of school; Winter break begins and school returns January 2

    December 21- January 1 - WINTER BREAK

    January 2 - Return to School; school-wide spelling bee at 9:30 AM

    January 3 - Boomerang Assembly at 2:45 for October, November and December Boomerangs 







       December curriculum overview:


     Science -  We will be discussing energy usage with light bulbs. What is the difference between an incandescent bulb versus a CFL? Our test will be next Tuesday.  


    Writing - We will be taking a pretest on non-research informational writing. Students will learn that Show-Don't-Tell (S-D-T) writing works well with hooks and factual detail in informational writing.  Research papers should have at least five paragraphs:  an introductory paragraph with a hook and "thesis", 3 supportive paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. We will look for paragraph form that includes a topic sentence, at least 3 facts, S-D-T sentences, and a concluding sentence. The concluding paragraph should restate the thesis and show analysis in the form of new ideas, new learning, new questions, or comparison made in figurative language.  This writing will transform into research writing.  We will continue our studies in grammar with pronouns, adjectives and verbs this trimester.

    We will learn to incorporate text features into our writing next.  This will be a smooth transition as it will be first introduced and modeled in reading. 



    ReadingWe are wrapping up WAR WITH GRANDPA.  We will be moving into our next Lead 21 unit on Explorations. Time will be spent looking at text features:  captions, titles, subtitles, and power vocabulary. 

    We will also develop our inference skills using the "formula" = Background Knowledge plus Text Evidence. These two elements help the read to infer and analyze new pieces of information.  We will discuss meaning of idioms and multiple meaning words.  Our word skills will focus on analogies as well as antonyms.   Our word studies will look at Greek and Latin root words:  Cycl- means circle or to go around ... Phobia- means a fear...Bio- means life....and Rupt- means break.  These roots will also help us to decode  new words. 

    Math - We will continue our studies of multiplying and dividing fractions. Our second quiz on this unit will be around Tuesday,  December 10,  on units 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6. Our test should be around December 17. 

    Social studies - We will continue our studies with colonies. We will learn about the first early settlement on Roanoke





    • Social Studies Text  - Click here for TCI

    • Energy Transfer Notes - Notes 1Pictures for 1,  Notes 2,  Notes 3,   Notes 4

    • Math - Model for bar modeling

    • Logging on to Office 365 and accessing student resources





    October 18, 2019, Friday - Peace Valley Field trip in the afternoon.


    October 24 and 25, Thursday and Friday - Ropes Course - This field trip will extend beyond the regular school day.  Parents/guardians will need to pick up their child at the school parking lot around 4:15 P.M.  Please send in a note if your child has permission to go home with another adult or if he/she will be walking home. 



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