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    Dear Parents and Guardians,

                    I am looking forward to another school year in the art room at Groveland!  I’ve got lots of great units planned that will encourage the love of the arts for your child.  By including art production, aesthetics, criticism and history, our year will cover all aspects of the arts.

                    I am excited to once again begin the school year by participating in the “Square 1 Art” program.  Your child will create an artwork that can be printed onto magnets, key chains, ceramic tiles, mugs, t-shirts and more!  Each student will receive a free sheet of stickers that will include their work of art!  This fundraiser will benefit Groveland’s Art Department.

                     Periodically throughout the year I will update my website highlighting the events taking place in the art room.  Please talk with your child about what we are learning.  Know that to get to the end result of a “pretty picture” there was a lot of learning and study that took place in school!  Frame your child’s artwork!  Take them to museums!  We are so fortunate to live in such a cultural area!

                    Each year Groveland hosts a school wide student art show in the spring during portfolio conferences.  Every student will have work on display.  You will be able to view your child’s artwork when you visit the school at conference time.

                    Your child will need the following materials for art class:

                    Sketchbook: (9 x 12 is ideal size.  No lined paper!):  Necessary for planning/sketching ideas, free drawing, note taking, storing worksheets and rubrics, and journal activities.  This sketchbook will be used from year to year.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BUY A NEW ONE EACH YEAR!!!  The book will be a sequential record of your child’s years in art class at Groveland. (If your child’s sketchbook from last year has 30 or more unused sheets of paper, please send that one - do not tear out the used pages!).  Please label the front of the book with student’s name and class.  Put the sketchbook into a Ziploc type bag (it doesn’t have to seal, just protect the book).

                    Smock:  An old T-shirt of an adult’s will work fine (please cut off long sleeves).  We use many materials in the art room that can stain clothing.  Please make sure it will cover bulky sweatshirts and sweaters in the winter. (And don’t wear your best clothes on art day!)

                    Gallon size sealable bags:  Grades 4 – 6 will need 2 one gallon sized Ziploc -type bags, labeled with name and class in a permanent marker.

    If you have any questions or need to contact me throughout the school year, please email me at khouser@cbsd.org.  If you are interested in volunteering to help out throughout the year (cutting paper, creating displays, running copies, etc), please send me an email! Reminder - you will need to have your clearances submitted with the district to volunteer.

    Please save and send to the art room: egg cartons, cleaned meat trays (run them through your dishwasher), and margarine/yogurt containers with lids.  Thanks!                                                                   


    Mrs. Karen Houser

    Art Teacher


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