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  • Today’s Assignments :) MArch 30th- April 3rd

    - Check in with me in our homeroom chat : Click here :)

    -*NEW: WEEKS 1,2,3 Checklist of Assignments: Checklist for Weeks 123 Distance Learning


    - *Daily Calendar Checklist: Calendar Checklist for student work  (Use ANY week to keep track of your work)


    Mrs. Kerns' Clever Website: 

         * click to access See Saw,  SS textbook, spelling review, brainpop, etc.: Clever Website


     Social Studies:1. Click below to find SS lessons:

    NEW: *There are no new SS lessons this week. Day 9 is optional for students to complete. Week 3 will be a review and catch up time for students to complete assignments for weeks 1 and 2 and a few other assignments that are optional. Enjoy this time with your family and stay healthy! 

    Chapter 1 packet

    Social Studies Lessons (weeks 1 and 2 and 3)

     Chapter 1 study guide



    1. Click the link below for reading lesson plan:

     Reading Lessons Days 123  (week 1)

    Reading lessons week 2  (week 2)

    NEW: Reading Lessons Week 3  *There is only one assignment for this week because I will be preparing for the next phase of distance learning. Enjoy the free time with your family!


    Helpful Resources to visit/use:

    Theme power point

    Theme cheat sheet

      Maniac Magee the Movie   (optional, in case you wanted to watch)


    2. Long term Book Project  - due April 14th :)

     Book Bento Project Directions

    Daily-* Read 30 minutes every day/night of IR book- think about objects to fit bento project. Turn this is by taking a picture and posting it on See Saw. Make sure you follow all the directions and include your name and the title in the picture!


    Read aloud (optional to all homeroom students): 

    - PODCAST - Six- minutes (Est time: 1-2 episode/ day- approx. 15 minutes total)

     Six-Minutes Pocast episodes

     *Listen to and visualize Holiday's adventures! Feel free to allow family to join and listen!



    SeeSaw Challenge (5-10 minutes)

    1. Mindset Assignment  (click here for sorting game)

    2. What have you been doing at home?  Post a picture or video of one of your favorite things to do at home! 

    3. Post a picture of when you were younger!  Post to all classmates so we all can see.  *We can see if we can figure out who everyone is!

    NEW: *Visit our SEE SAW to see what activities and assignments are posted there! I put a few on there for fun :)



     1. Click below for Writing Lesson Day 1

    Day 3 Writing Add on to project (this is also on the updated lessons as day 3-4)

     Writing Daily Lessons Updated (week 1)

      Writing Lessons week 2 (week 2)      Day 6 document:Popcorn Poetry Activity

    NEW :  Writing Week 3    *There are only two writing assignments for this week because I will be preparing for the next phase of distance learning. Enjoy the free time with your family!


    2. NEW Typing Practice 

    Click here for extra typing practice : Typing Practice for Free


    Special (20 minutes)  

    1. Visit the Link for the special today.  

     Groveland Distance Learning


    EXTRA Language Arts Review (optional practice)

    *Quizizz website codes - try to review one each day for week of March 

    (Go to joinmyquizizz.com) --> Click Enter Code --> you may play a quiz OR you can use it as a review with the flashcards!

    Theme :  223252

    Figurative Language: 607149

    Grammar Review: 155077

    Elements of Fiction: 770442

    Reading Vocab: 373354

    Simple and Compound Sentences: 744890

    Reading Genres: 299514


    Math Distance learning*Math group chat- click here: Math Crew


    1. Click below to find Math daily lessons:

    Math Distance Learning Daily Lessons  (week 3 should start at day 8)

    * Hand in lesson(s): post any work for each day on See Saw under MATH.  Feel free to post a video while you work through a problem as well:)

    - I can't wait to see your final graphs!  You will share them with me on See Saw the end of the month on Tuesday, March 31.


    2. Click below to find worksheets to accompany lessons: 

     Day 1 pdf

    Day 2 File

    Day 3 File

    *Note: Day 4 and 5  lessons are posted on the above "Math Daily Lessons" link; however, there are no accompanying worksheets with those lessons.

    Day 6 worksheet  *Complete the Variable Charting and Graphing worksheet.  (When completing the chart, look for the pattern.  x+?=y)

    Day 7

    Day 8 worksheet

    Day 9 worksheet

    Day 10 worksheet

     Day 11 worksheet


    Extra Math practice:

    - Prodigy games- I emailed you your password and login information. If you did not receive it for some reason, let me know and I will send it to you again.

    Basic Skills Practice

    - Quizziz  --> go to joinmyquiz.com and type in the code below for practice on the skills listed. 

    Basic Algebraic Equations: 296987

    Order of Operations: 999159

    Fraction addition/subtraction: 885432


    Take a Break:

    Virtual Disney Rides

    Mo Willems Doodling


     Note: If you receive instruction from any other teachers please visit their websites.  Distance Learning activities will also be provided on the sites of all teachers. 


Social Studies Files

Reading Files

Writing Files

Math Files

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