• Asynchronous Schedule 4I Dec. 18th, 2020

    If you do not have your Writer's Notebook for How To, it's ok please type it, save it and we will edit it next week . Also, please complete the library session posted by Mrs. Thomas in Canvas.

    Writing: Type How to Essay (60 minutes)

    -  Type How to Essay in Microsoft Word and Save it in your OneDrive Writing Folder

    - Rough Copy is previously completed in your Writers notebook

    - Essay MUST at least 10 sentences long

    *BONUS-Add a picture or make a video of your How To*

    Sustained Silent Reading SSR: (30 mins./Chapter Book)

    Reading: Daniel Boone Bio Essay (60 minutes)

    • Use your completed graphic organizer from class for info
    • Write 4 paragraphs on INTRODUCING DANIEL BOONE Paper
    • Intro (4-6 sentences)
    • Early Life (8-10 sentences)
    • Adult Life (8-10 sentences)
    • Accomplishments (8-10 sentences)

    Math: Factor Work & Division/Multiplication Review (60 mins.)

    • Complete 5 Factor Pages
    • Complete at least 8 Long Division Problems on Math Puzzle Picture Sheet (BONUS-Finish the page)
    • Complete at least 8 Double Digit x Double Digit Multiplication Problems (BONUS-Finish the page)