The Central Bucks School District uses the Math in Focus program as part of our curriculum.  It focuses on mastery through the implementaion of the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach.  Lessons include whole-group, small group, partner and individual instruction. Lessons include hands-on instruction. Games and skill set drills are used for practice and review. Homework is used for practice of skills introduced. Students will be encouraged to practice their math facts/skills at home daily.    
          In addition to this program, we will also be using Everyday Counts as our daily calendar lesson, which nicely ties in many of our skills and concepts.
    Third Grade Math in Focus focuses on the following:
    • Numbers to 10,000 - counting patterns; place value; comparing and ordering numbers; rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
    • Addition - mental addition, addition fluency within 1,000, addition with and without regrouping, real world addition problems, bar modeling
    • Subtractionmental subtraction, subtraction fluency within 1,000, subtraction with and without regrouping, real world subtraction problems, bar modeling
    • Multiplication - multiplication strategies, patterns in multiplication, multiplying using models, multiplying with and without regrouping, dividing using multiplication facts, multiplication fluency, bar modeling
    • Fractionsunderstanding fractions, parts of sets, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions
    • Measurement - mass: kilograms and grams, liquid volume: liters and mililiters, real world problems, area and perimeter
    • Time - telling time, converting hours and minutes, elapsed time
    • Graphs and Line Plots - making, reading, and interpreting picture graphs and bar graphs, line plots and estimation
    • Angles, Lines, and 2D Figures - introduction to angles, introduction to perpendicular and parallel lines, polyogns