• Five Finger Rule
    1. Open a book to the middle.
    2. Choose a full page of words.
    3. Read the page.
    4. Hold up a finger each time you come to a word you don't know or understand.

       If you hold up one finger (your thumb):  thumbs up!  You knew all but one word!  This book will be pretty easy for you. 

    If you hold up two fingers (your thumb and first finger to make the letter “L”):  “L” stands for learning.  You might need some help, but it will be a good learning book for you.
    If you hold up three fingers (three middle fingers to make the letter “W”):  “W” is for warning.  You can try to read this book, but it might be frustrating, and you might not enjoy it. 
    If you hold up four or five fingers: this is a STOP signal.  This would be a good book to stop reading by yourself and start reading with someone else.  Find someone who can read this book with you and then look for another book you will enjoy by yourself.