Please consider donating all things to the art room?  One person's trash can become another person's artwork!

    Items for Art Library:
    Old "how to draw" books, old coffee table art books, old animal books or animal magazines, art magazines
    Old Electronics or Tools:

    Electric mixers, Blenders, Irons, pliers - any kind – hand tools (hammers, screw drivers), old kitchen utensils.
    magazines, newspaper, canvas boards, crayons, markers
    empty toilet paper rolls – cardboard rolls of any kind, sponges
    Fabric, Clean nylon stockings, Wallpaper books
    Plastic dishes or cans with lids, Zip-lock storage bags
    Baby wipes . Aluminum foil, wax paper, paper towels, facial tissues
    Old calendars with neat pictures, books from hair stylists (full frontal faces and facial features), Old Cards 
    Misc. for 3-D Sculptures
    Wood scraps, plexi-glass, wire coat hangers, pipe cleaners, Silk flowers, vases, glasses, saucers, shoes, animal bones, hats, bed sheets, store manikins, old jewelry