• Sketchbook Assignments
    1. Draw your hand life size, realistically, with shading

    2. Cut out a small section of a magazine advertisement and glue it to your paper. Then draw the rest of the scene in a creative way.

    3. A detailed sketch of an object, zoom in on a small part

    4. Scribble art... create a masterpiece from a scribble

    5. Still Life drawing using accent lines

    6. Sketch an object, enlarging it proportionally

    7. Three-dimensional drawing using 1 pt. perspective

    8. Sketch using at least 4 types of shading/mark making techniques

    9. Draw something that has never been seen before

    10. Draw a Self-portrait, using correct facial proportions

    11. Draw a Self-portrait that represents your personality, and emotions. It may not look like you, as long as it represents you. It can be completely abstract if you like.

    12. Draw a distorted self-portrait; use a strange object to see your reflection. Example: A Christmas Ornament

    13. A master copy, using a grid, print out a photo of any interesting famous artwork of your choice. Then with a ruler make a grid over the image. 1”x1” lines down and across the page. Make the same grid in pencil on your blank page, then transfer.

    14. Draw an object, with one continuous line, & never look at the paper

    15. Draw your hand life size using shed lines

        Each entry can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes, but you can draw for hours if you like. Have fun! When else do you get to just relax and draw? You will be surprised when you see how your talent improves throughout the sketchbook.

    Keep them to look at years from now when you can draw better than you ever imagined.