• Algebra 2 - Unit 3

    Tuesday, February 28 (Day 1)
    CW: section 3.1 notes... systems of linear equations; solutions; solving systems by graphing; systems with 1, 0, or infinite solutions; Class Notes
    HW: p.128: # 8-10, 14-15, 29-30, 33

    Wednesday, March 1 (Day 2)
    CW: review hwk; application example; section 3.2 notes... solving systems of equations by using substitution; Class Notes
    HW: p.135: # 17-22, 34
    Thursday, March 2 (Day 3)
    CW: warm-up; review hwk; more practice with substitution method; graded classwork (complete WS problems with your partner and then turn in); Class Notes
    HW: finish classwork (if not already done)
    Friday, March 3 (Day 4)
    CW: warm-up; Quiz on Graphing Systems; section 3.3 notes... linear combination (elimination) method; Class Notes
    HW: p.142: 8-10, 14-16
    Monday, March 6 (Day 5)
    CW: warm-up; Quiz on Substitution Method; review hwk; more practice problems with linear combination/elimination method; Class Notes
    HW: finish classwork problems from last slide
    Tuesday, March 7 (Day 6)
    CW: warm-up; review quizzes; complete worksheet with word problem applications of systems
    HW: p.142: # 8-10, 14-16

    Wednesday, March 8 (Day 7)
    CW: warm-up; Quiz on Elimination Method; section 4.3 notes... solutions to linear inequalities; graphing linear inequalities and determining the solutions region; Class Notes
    HW: p.188: # 3-8 
    Thursday, March 9 (Day 8)
    CW: warm-up; review hwk; continue section 4.3 notes... graphing systems of linear inequalities; word problem application; practice problems; Study Guide in preparation for test   
    HW: study for test; Solutions to Study Guide
    Friday, March 10 (Day 9)
    CW: Unit 3 TEST
    HW: none