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  • Unit 1:  Survival  
    In the first trimester, we will be reading and discussing different survival situations and the steps that have to be taken in order to survive.  The skills that we are focusing on are the following:  comprehension, predictions, connections, summarizing and synthesizing.  We will read the realistic fiction novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and nonfiction survival stories from our anthologies as a whole class.  Our literature circle novel is Pinballs by Betsy Byers, and our read aloud is the historical-fiction book Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.  We will also read nonfiction survival stories from our anthologies.  Our school nurse will visit the class to teach us about health related survival tips.  I have an entire basket of survival related books for independent reading in our classroom library.  Your independent reading choice can be a fiction or non-fiction survival theme, a historical-fiction book, or ANY book of your choice.  It's just imperative that you're reading 20 minutes a night.  Talk to me or your parents to make sure that your book choice is appropriate for you!  
    Unit 2:  Fantasy & Unwrapping Ancient Mysteries 
    In the second trimester, our focus is nonfiction text and fantasy!  We will learn what categorizes a book as being fantasy.  Students will read different fantasy novels in book clubs where they will able to interact with their peers and share their thinking aloud.  Our book clubs will be a first in a series fantasy text:  Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, City of Ember, Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter.  Our read aloud iTuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.  We will also spend time this marking period, reading nonfiction text focuing on Unwrapping Ancient Mysteries from our anthology.  Target skills for the  unit are the following:  asking questions, inferencing, making generalizations and recognizing theme.  Fantasy is a popular genre for sixth graders, so if you're interested in reading fantasy for your independent read choice, I have lots of choices for you in our classroom library.  I recommend Phantom Tollbooth, The Magician's Nephew, A Wrinkle in Time, Mister Monday or Ruins of Gorlan or The Name of the Book is a Secret.  Remember, you should be spending 20 quality minutes reading each night.  Practice your fluency while you read at home and read a few pages orally each night.        
    Unit 3:  Oceans 
    In the last trimester, we will be enjoying lots of fiction and nonfiction reading.  The class will wok on identifying important information, summarizing and synthesizing.  It's very important that we take the time to outline, paraphrase and track our thoughts while reading.  We will do some nonfiction reading about oceans from our anthology.  Our shared text, Refugee by Alan Gratz, is a class favorite.  Our final read aloud is Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.  Reading activitates many areas of the brain.  Remember to spend time reading independenly each day.  
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