• school supplies

    The following is a list of suggested school supplies that will help your child with organization and preparation this year:

    1.  4 plastic 2-pocket, stay-put folder, with 3 prongs inside (No binders this year. There is not room in the desk for them.)  
          Please label: 1.  Math (green) 
                                     2.  Language Arts (purple)
                                     3.  Social Studies & Science (blue)
                                     4.  Home/School (red)
    2.  Plastic zip lock bag or zipper pencil case
    3.  Loose leaf paper (Put 25 sheets in your math folder - Keep the rest at home.) 
    4.  2​ composition books (Label: Writer's Notebook & Reader's Notebook)
    5.  Package of pencils
    6.  Highlighters (3 different colors)  
    7.  Colored pen (for checking work)
    8.  5 Expo markers (Keep 2 in your desk.  I will store the rest for future use.)
    9.  Colored pencils
    10. Sketchbook for art class  
    11. Ear buds/phones (Label) 
    12. 2 subject spiraled notebook (Pre-Algebra Students only)
    13. Package (15-20 pages) of heavy page protectors (to create poetry book)
    14. Electronic thesaurus 


    It would be greatly appreciated if you could send one box of tissues and one container of Clorox antibacterial wipes during our Meet and Greet or during the first week of school to help keep our class healthy throughout this year. Thank you!

    1. Box of tissues
    2. Container of Clorox antibacterial wipes