• school supplies

    The following is a list of suggested school supplies that will help your child with organization and preparation this year:

    1.  4 plastic 2-pocket, stay-put folder, with 3 prongs inside (NO BINDERS. There is not room in the desk for them.)  
          Please label: 1.  Math (green) 
                                     2.  Language Arts (purple)
                                     3.  Social Studies & Science (blue)
                                     4.  Home/School (red)
    2.  Plastic zip lock bag or zipper pencil case 
    4.  Package of pencils
    5.  Highlighters (3 different colors)  
    6.  Colored pen (for checking work)
    7.  5 Expo markers (Keep 2 in your desk.  Keep the rest at home, or I can store them for you.)
    8.  Colored pencils
    9.  Ear buds/phones (Label) 

    It is not required, but would be appreciated if you could send one box of tissues or a container of Clorox antibacterial wipes to help keep our class healthy throughout this year. Thank you!

    1. Box of tissues
    2. Container of Clorox antibacterial wipes