• How to Pick a "Just Right" Book

    I  Choose a book …What book do I want to read? 
    lP urpose …Why do I want to read this book?
    lI nterest… Do I like this book?
    lC omprehend…Do I understand what I’m reading?
    lK now…Do I know most of the words? (use 5 finger rule)
    How Do I Know if the Words in My Book are too Difficult?
    Use the Five Finger Rule
    Step 1: Turn to any page in a book at try to read it.
    Step 2: Count the words you have trouble reading. These might be words you need to stop and sound out or can't figure out.
    If you count...your book is...
    0-1 finger = Too Easy
    2-3 fingers = Just Right 
    4-5 fingers = Too Hard