Here are various workouts that you can include in your routines.  Work hard and enjoy!


    Lower Upper Core


    Lower Upper Core Circuit

    This quick, yet challenging workout comes from the great Jeff Cavalier @ AthleanX.com and offers 3 levels of challenge to work the total body. Each section of the circuit (lower/upper/core) has four movements done in sequence before resting for a full :30sec and moving to the next sequence.


     30 minute circuit


    Total Body Circuit

    This total body circuit starts with a quick 5 minute dynamic warm-up and continues with a 20 minute workout of 10 exercises at :30 sec of work followed by :30 sec of rest for 2 cycles.  There is a 5 minute cooldown at the end to get your body feeling relaxed.  Enjoy and leave a comment when you finish.


    Tabata Circuit


    Tabata Style Circuit

    This 15 minute workout is paired with a 5 minute warm-up for a quick way to get your

    body energized!  You can do this without any equipment but the following things can be useful:

    • Workout bench or a chair
    • A wall
    • Pair of dumbells or an exercise band
    • A kettlebell

    Leave a comment when you finish!


    Animalistic Circuit

    5 Animalistic Exercises

    Try these 5 great movements that will challenge your mobility and core strength.


    Yoga Flow

    Yoga Flow

    30 minutes of breath and movement! We start standing, but this class includes grounding breathing and a spinal warm up.


    Cardio Dance Workout

    Cardio Dance Workout

    Check out Class FitSugar, a do-it-along-with-us real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers.


    Gymnastics Workout

    Gymnastics Workout

    This is a more advanced workout of 6 exercises.  You should have very good core strength to complete this.

    Beginners- 1-2 rounds of 10-15 reps

    Advanced 3-4 rounds of 10-15 reps

    1) Shoulder Sizzlers 2) L-Sits 3) Two Overhead Situps / V-Up / Kickout 4) Rollback Pushbacks 5) Crab Kickovers to Pushups 6) One Leg Mule Kicks


    12 minute bodyweight workout

    12-18 minute body weight workout

    This is another high intensity interval training workout.  Watch the video first to understand how the workout is structured.  Each circuit lasts 3 minutes. If necessary, you can rest 1 inute between circuits.  Complete 4-6 circuits.


    20 minute workout

    20 minute beginner body weight workout


    30 minute HIIT

    30 minute HIIT

    In this high intensity cardio bodyweight workout from trainer Lita Lewis, you’ll spike your heart rate with high-knees, fast feet, and star jumps; plus work your core and lower body with jumping lunges and planks - at home! No equipment needed!  Leave a comment when you finish.


    Tamanend Flow

    Tamanend Tough Workout Flow

    Grab a chair, maybe a friend to join you and you are on your way. This 30 minute workout flows through a variety of movements and is sure to get your blood moving and your body feeling alive and well. Enjoy and leave a comment when you finish!


    Tamanend Tough Circuit


    Tamanend Tough Strength Circuit

    Equipment needs: 1 Chair and 1 towel

    An at home workout for anyone looking for a quick total body challenge. 5 minute dynamic warm-up followed by a 20 minute circuit :30sec on :30 rest

    5 exercises: Push-Up, Split Squat Lunge (foot on chair), Towel Rows, Mountain Climbers, Handstand holds


    Hip Hop

    30 minute Hip Hop workout

    Get ready to unleash your inner dance and fitness beast with Hip-Hop Fit creator Mike Peele! This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced. Just get ready to push your mind and body to the next level!


    30 minute barre

    30 minute Barre workout

    Sculpt, stretch, and sweat with this no-equipment workout from Barre Belle creator Marnie Alton, whose clients include Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston.


    Upper Body and Abs

    Upper Body and Abs

    A blend of upper body and ab exercises sure to challenge and invigorate you!