• Team Sports- a must take every year for the Central Bucks East students striving for competition,tactics and high level performance in a  Physical Education course. Students refer to this as "AP PE".
    • Fitness Trends- Students looking for a studio oriented course such as yoga, pilates, kickboxing etc. would have a great fit in this course.
    • Lifetime Sports- This course focuses on individual or paired sport and exercise. Archery, badminton, golf or tennis are example of content. A great course  that run outdoors in the 1st and 4th marking period.
    • Personalized Fitness- Assess and evaluate yourself then strive for your fitness short term and long term objectives. This course is like having a personalized gym membership. Cardio, Core and Resistance Training education and training are applied. New fitness concepts and scientifically proven approaches are implemented.
    • Advanced Health -Anatomy and Physiology with labs. Community lectures on employment in health related fields are incorporated. It is highly recommened that studenst first take the Anatomy and Physiology course offered through the science department.
       Aquatic Conditioning- Proficient swimmers looking to enhance their fitness through continuously training in the pool. Advanced stroke mechanics will implemented. This is not a course to learn how to swim.