• Welcome to Mr. Pustay's Read 180 home page.
  • Homework for week of 6/5/17: 
    Vocabulary quiz (last of the year!) will be Thursday, 6/8.  The words are available on the class OneNote notebook.  Prefix quiz (open note/worksheet) will be Thursday, 6/8. Those notes are also available on the class OneNote notebook.
    Future Assignments:  
    Each week the students will be responsible for completing an "Article of the Week" provided in class and posted on our OneNote notebook.  Time will be provided each day in class. If students use their time well, they will not need to complete any work at home
    The students will be responsible for reading 1 hour per week at home. They can read books, magazines, newspapers; the choice is theirs!  They will complete an activity each Friday in class based on their reading.   We will not use reading logs. 
    Students must have an SSR book with them each day in class! 
    Class Notes:
    * Class notes are now available on Microsoft OneNote.  To access class notes, go to www.cbsd.org/365 and log-in.  Students can log-in by using the following format:
        - EX: Smith.J123@student.cbsd.org  (So that is Last name.First initial and then the last three digits of your student ID number.)
    Password: Use the password you use to log-in to computers at school.  
    Once you are logged-in, click on "Shared with Me".  You will see a link to the class notebook.