Welcome to the Tamanend 9th Grade Chorus page!
    Assignment 10/15
    1) If you have not completed my choral student survey THIS YEAR, please do so first.  Note - if you are in Chieftains (or tried out for it), you probably completed it already. 
    2) Search for Winter Concert songs on www.jwpepper.com.  You will find 'choiry' songs there (we need at least one of those) and plenty of other styles.  Use the following guidelines when searching:
    a) You can search for a specific song using the search box, BUT be sure when it comes up, use the menu on the left to select 'Choral'
    b) You may also browse the Choral Selections by clicking 'Choral,' then 'School' in the upper left part of the screen.  Then use the filters on the left to narrow down your search further.
    c) Please be sure you're finding choral music - it will show up as SAB, SATB, 3-part mixed, etc.  The best for us will be SAB, or maybe SATB.
    3) Suggest at least 2 songs HERE.
    REMIND Directions - ALL 9th Grade Chorus members should sign up to recieve remind alerts.  Parents MAY also sign up if they want. 
     CB South Music Department Site about HS music scheduling.  Super helpful info!
    Info Specific to Chorus Scheduling in 10th Grade (mostly the same info you'd see on link above, but presented a little differently)
    2018-2019 9th Grade Chorus Handbook (will be updated to 2019-2020 in September)