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    Spring Concert Learning Materials
    How Can I Keep From Singing
    Scroll to bottom of page, click on 'Part-by-Part' tab and select your voice part.
    Full version (for learning solo!) on the right, under 'sample media'
    'Karaoke' version for solo tryouts at bottom of page 'additional materials' tab (accopmaniment)
    Full version on JW Pepper - use to learn solos
    Elective Survey
    Assignment 3/21, 3/22.  Click HERE to take the survey
    Flash Mob Pitches - February 2019
    You will be making a video 'pitch' to your classmates with your suggestion for a flash mob song.  Here's how:
    1) look at the current list of flash mob suggestions.  Pick your favorite OR come up with a new idea.
    2) Find others who share your opinion (or convince others that your choice is best) and form a group with them for today. You may also work by yourself if you're comfortable doing so.
    3) Practice singing part of your song together (at least 30 seconds) with your group AND add choreography to it.  PRACTICE until it looks good.
    4) Videorecord it.  Please use Flipgrid if at all possible.  The link was emailed to you.  You can also use this link.  If you're using it on your phone, you may have to download the free app.  If flipgrid doesn't work, you can send Mr. Sanchez a video from your phone, but please try flipgrid first.  Minimum video length is 30 seconds. Maximum is 60 seconds.  Everyone must participate in the group recording!
    5) You earn a 10-point grade for your work today.  Grades based on following all the directions above.
    JW Pepper Octavo Search - January 2019
    YOUR JOB: Using www.jwpepper.com, find songs that you think 9th grade chorus should consider performing at the spring concert.
    HOW:  Watch my handy tutorial video for directions.
    FINAL PRODUCT FOR TODAY: Fill out this survey completely.  (Be sure to click 'submit answers' and look for the response "Thank you. Your responses have been submitted." on the top of the page.)
     CB South Music Department Site about HS music scheduling.  Super helpful info!
    Info Specific to Chorus Scheduling in 10th Grade (mostly the same info you'd see on link above, but presented a little differently)
    2018-2019 9th Grade Chorus Handbook