• Welcome to Mr. Sterner's English class! I hope you are as excited for this year as I am! I expect a lot from you now that you are in high school, but I think you will come to find that I am fair and will treat you with the respect and responsibility that I will ask of you. diver Much like the deep sea, there is much to explore and   discover in this class about things unknown, the world around us, and our role in it. My goal is to not only make you more effective communicators, but to give you skills and lessons that will be of value to you throughout your life. We will work hard, but with a smile on our faces. You will face exciting new challenges, and with that moments of struggle, but also moments of great success. We will laugh, perhaps even cry, but every day we will try. Try to be better than we were the day before. I invite you to make the most of this year, so that when you leave on that last day, you do so with pride in your accomplishments and growth. Below is a poem, "Don't Be Afraid to Fail" (author unknown) to inspire you to greatness this year.


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    Don't Be Afraid to Fail

    You've failed many times,
    although you may not
    You fell down
    the first time
    you tried to walk.
    You almost drowned
    the first time
                                    you tried toladder
                                  swim, didn't you?
                                 Did you hit the
                                ball the first time
                                 you swung a bat?
                                  Heavy hitters,
                                    the ones who hit the most home runs,
     also strike
    out a lot.
    English novelist
    John Creasey got
    752 rejection slips
    before he published
    564 books.
    Babe Ruth struck out
    1,330 times,
    but he also hit 714 home runs.
    Don't worry about failure.
    Worry about the
    chances you miss
    when you don't even try