• "Life is more than winning or losing; it's choosing to do what is right."
    How grades are determined...
       Grades will be determined by the number of points earned in each marking
       period on homework, quizzes, tests, etc.
    How to be successful in my classroom...
       1.) Maintain a neat and organized notebook.
       2.) Participate in all aspects of the class.
       3.) Maintain your highest level of effort.
       4.) Record assignments in your agenda book.
       5.) Complete all assignments on time.
       6.) Make up work missed due to absence.
       7.) Respect your classmates and teachers.
       8.) Act and behave appropriately.
       9.) Be prepared and on time everyday.
       10.) Laugh more than you think you will.
    "There's something you must remember. You're braver than you believe. And stronger that you seem. And smarter than you think."