• Life in the Middle Ages Project

    Directions: Once you have finished checking your answers for "Life in Medieval Towns", complete the following assignment.  Choose one of the options to show your understanding of the Middle Ages.

    1. Comic Strip: Create a detailed comic strip highlighting key aspects of life in medieval times.
      1. Your scene should include pictures of at least 6 important topics that you learned about.
      2. Write 1-2 complete sentences underneath each topic.
    2. Practice Quiz: Make a 10 question quiz about life in medieval Europe.
      1. These questions can be any format you would like, but must show your understanding of the topics, as well as a detailed answer key.
      2. The answer key must include a detailed explanation of each correct response, not only a letter or true/false answer.  (Ex: The answer is “A” because…)

    Middle Ages Rubric

    • Research Topics Include:
      • Science and Technology
      • Weapons
      • Food & Drink
      • Men & Women’s Clothing
      • Art/Entertainment/Drama
      • Religion
      • Homes
      • Life in a Castle
      • Life in a Village