• Open the PDF tip sheets below for easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create specific bibliography entries in NoodleTools.



    Reminder: we now use Office365 to login to NoodleTools.  Enter your student email address on the right side of the NoodleTools login page to authenticate your account.



    When you have finished your entire bibliography and are ready to print, open up your list and click the "Print/Export" button on the left side. Then click the "Print/Export to Word" button on the dropdown menu - your bibliography will open up as a Word document. You can then add your name, any class information that your teacher needs, and be able to print. You can also save your bibliography to your student I: drive or upload to Office 365.



    Please see Mrs. Reynolds if you have ANY questions regarding NoodleTools!





    Page last updated: November 6, 2019



NoodleTools Tip Sheets