• Unit 8: Toxicity, Air Pollution and Climate Change


    Day 1 Wednesday 12/11/19

    I will make a high concentrate solution and then dilute it for  other solutions  to determine toxicity.

    Return Unit 7 Packs
    Selling Energy
    Toxcity Lab
    Review Chapter 17

    HW: Read/Outline 17.1-17.2 (436-446) 


    Day 2 Thursday 12/12/19

    I will compare my perceptions of risks with those of experts and analyze the differences

    Risk Analysis
    Risk Assessment Activity
    LD50 and MSDS

    HW: Read/Outline 17.3-17.4 (446-457)



    Day 3 Friday 12/13/19

    I will identify common and exotic hazards in our homes and ecosystems.

    Return Unit 7 Test
    Finish Chapter 17
    LD 50 of Products
    Poisoning from methlymercury


    HW: Read/Outline 17.5,18.1-18.2 (457-476)



    Day 4 Monday 12/16/19

    I will diagram and describe the different types of smog

    Start Chapter 18
    Smog in a Jar
    Air Pollution PP

    HW: Read/Outline 18.3-18.4 (476-483)

     Bozeman-Air Pollution

    Day 5 Tuesday 12/17/19

    I will calculate the LD50 for Lettuce seeds in various brine solutions

    Chapter 17 Quiz
    Lettuce Seed Results

    HW: Read/Outline 18.5-18.6 (484-489)


    Day 6 Wednesday 12/18/19

    I will diagram how acid deposition occurs and its detrimental effects on the environment.

    Video: Acid Rain

    Reading: Sick Building Syndrome
    Review: Chapter 18

    HW: Read/Outline 19.1 (493-504)


    Day 6 Thursday 12/19/19

    I will identify common GW arguments against science

    GW Denier Activity

    HW: Read/Outline 19.2 (504-510)/Air Pollution Lab


     Bozeman-Climate Change

    Day 7 Friday 12/20/19

    I will give 10 indicators of anthropogenic sources of climate change.

    GW Denier Presentations

    Video: Chasing Ice

    HW: Read/Outline 19.3 (510-520)



    Day 8 Thursday 1/2/20

    I will identify different features of glaciers and how they respond to climate change.

    Quiz Chapter 18-19

    Video: Chasing Ice
    Chapter 18-19 Review


    HW: Read/Outline 19.4 (521-524)

     Bozeman-Ozone Layer

    Day 9 Friday 1/3/20

    I will identify an describ how the ozone layer crisis has been addressed.

    Video: Chasing Ice

    Chapter 18-19

    13 Misconceptions About Climate Change

    Review Chapter 19


    Unit 8 Pack

    1. Toxiciy Lab
    2. Risk Assessment
    3. LD50 + MSDS report
    4. Smog in a Jar
    5. Chasing Ice
    6. Outlines
    7. Current Events

    Day 10 Monday 1/6/20

    I will identify concepts from unit 8 on the assessment.

    Collect Unit 8 Pack

    Unit 8 Test


    HW: Read/Outline 21.1-21.2 (558-564)