• Unit 7: Non-Renewable and Renewable Resources
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    Day 1 Thursday 11/21/19
    I will calculate the energy needed for different types of lightbulbs.
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    Unit Preview
    What's the Best Lightbulb   
    Review Chapter 14
    HW: Read/Outline 14.2-14.3, make a copy of energy bill and bring in


    Day 2 Friday 11/22/19
    I will simulate surface mining using household products.
    Return Unit 6 Test
    Cookie Mining Simulation
    HW: Read/Outline 14.4-14.5,15.1
    Day 3 Monday 11/25/19
    I will calculate my fossil fuel usage and compare to averages around the country.
    Chapter 14 AP Review Questions
    Fossil Fuel Calculation
    Review Chapter 15
    HW: Read/Outline 15.2-15.4
    Day 4 Tuesday 11/26/19
    I will calculate the heating costs of using natural gas.
    Finish Fossil Fuel Calculation
    Review Chapter 15
    BTU Free Response
    HW: Read/Outline 15.5, 16.1 (386-400)
    Day 5 Tuesday 12/3/19
    I will identify ways that energy efficiency can greatly reduce energy usage.
    Finish Review of Chapter 15
    Reading: The Energizer
    Selling Energy Assignment
    Review Chapter 16
    HW: Read/Outline 16.2-16.3 (400-414)
    Day 6 Wednesday 12/4/19
    I will research a renewable energy source to determine its costs and benefits.
    Meet with Selling Energy Groups- Goals
    Review Chapter 16
    What Powers the World?
    Video: The Happening
    HW: Read/Outline 16.4-16.6 (415-424)
    Day 7 Thursday 12/5/19
    I will develop and infomercial on an alternative energy source.
    Meeting Day for Selling Energy
    Video: The Happening Alt. Energy 
    Review Chapter 16
    HW: Read/Outline 16.7- 16.9 (424-432)
    Day 8 (Spring only) 5/7/19
    Field Trip- Vertical Screen
    HW: Alt. Energy
    Day 9 Friday 12/6/19
    I will identify the benefits and costs of various renewable energy sources.
    Discuss Field Trip/Meet with selling energy groups
    Review Chapter 16 
    HW: Good Review-


    Hydroelectric Power

    Energy Reduction

    Renewable Energy

    Day 10 Monday 12/9/19
    Goal: I will present an 'infomercial' of the benefits and slight drawbacks of a renewable energy source.
    Selling Energy Infomercials (Day 1 next unit)
    Finish Review of Chapter 16
    HW: Study for Test + Unit 7 Pack
    Day 11 Tuesday 12/10/19
    Goal: I will apply concepts of Earth resources, nonrenewable and renewable energy sources on an assessment.
    Collect Unit 7 Pack
    Unit 7 Test
    HW: Print out Toxicity Lab
    Unit 7 Pack
    1. Lightbulb Calculations
    2. Cookie Mining Lab
    3. Field Trip: Vertical Screen
    4. Fossil Fuel Calculations
    5. The Energizer
    6. The Happening: Renewable Energy
    7. Unit 7 Outlines
    8. Current Events