• Unit 6: Sustaining Natural Resources- Food and Water
    Water Resources  
    Day 1 Monday 11/4/19
    I will give pros and cons for GMO's. 
    Return Unit 5 Packs
    Unit Preview
    Review Chapter 12
    Video: GM Foods
    HW: Read/Outline 12.1-12.2 (277-288)


    Day 2 Wednesday 11/6/19
    I will identify environmental degradation caused by eating meat.
    Return Unit 5 Test
    Reading: The Meat Guzzler
    Review Chapter 12
    The Meatrix: http://www.themeatrix.com/
    Pro-Meat Video
    HW: Read/Outline 12.3 (288-296)
    Day 3 Thursday 11/7/19
    I will identify how soil is classified and it retains water based on sediment size.
    Soil Calculations/Triangle
    Soil Survey and You
    HW: Read/Outline 12.4-12.5 (296-304)
    Day 4 Friday 11/8/19
    I will diagram patterns on when and how pesticides affect wildlife.
    Finish Soil Survey and You
    Practice Quiz- Chapter 12
    HW: Read/Outline 12.6 (304-314)
    Day 5 Monday 11/11/19
    I will calculate my water footprint and compare to class/national data.
    Start Chapter 13- The Colorado River
    Free Response Practice
    Water Use Survey/ Reading Water Footprints
    HW: Read/Outline 13.1 (318-324)

    Try this link: Water Use Survey



    Day 6 Tuesday 11/12/19
    I will calculate wasted water from leaky faucets.
    Virtual Water Page 321
    Review Chapter 13
    Water Use Survey/ Reading Water Footprints
    HW: Read/Outline 13.2-13.5 (324-334)
    Day 7 Wednesday 11/13/19
    I will interpret topographic maps to determine water flow and sources of water pollution.
    Watershed worksheet- Delaware first
    Finish Watershed worksheets 
    Review Chapter 13, start 20
    HW: Read/Outline 13.6-13.7(334-343)
    Day 8 Thursday 11/14/19
    I will construct a topographic map of the water table to calculate velcocity of groundwater flow.
    Determining GW Contamination
    Finish Review of Chapter 20
    HW: Read/Outline 20.1-20.2 (529-538)
    Determining Groundwater Contamination
    Day 9 Spring ONLY Friday 4/12/19
    I will take a tour of a wastewater treatment plant.
    Fieldtrip- Wastewater Treatment Plant

    If you miss and good review: Wastewater Treatment Plant Video

    Day 10 
    I will survey my local watershed to determine biological health.
    Mill Creek Biological Testing
    HW: see Day 9
    Day 11 Friday 11/15/19
    I will calculate the rate at which groundwater flows and diagram a cone of depression.
    Quiz: Chapter /12/13/20
    Finish if GW Contamination
    HW: Read/Outline  20.3-20.4 (539-548)
    Day 12 Monday 11/18/19
    I will revisit various water pollution concepts,
    Final Paper/Presentation Time
    Finish Review of Chapter 
    1. How do we prevent salt pollution?
    Ted Talk
    2. Keep the Stream Flowing --->
    AP Practice 13/20
    HW: 20.5 (548-554)
    1. List two ways that we can fix salt pollutions
    Please answer the following questions after watching this video:
    1. What are 'senior' water rights? Why is there no incentive to conserve in Montana?
    2. What are 3 reasons why companies are concerned with their water footprint?
    3. Give three examples of how streams like Prickley Pear Creek can be fixed.
    4. Give an example outside of class where markets have or can influence conservation of a resource.
    Day 13 Tuesday 11/19/19
    I will identify measures that been used to protect water resources
    1. What are the causes of coral reefs demise worldwide?
    2. Why are these reef in Cuba thriving?
    Wrap up Unit Pack/PDP Paper
    HW: Study for Test
    Day 14 Wednesday 11/20/19
    I will apply concepts of food resources and water pollution on the assessment.
    Collect Unit 6 Pack
    Test Unit 6
    HW: Read/Outline Chapter 14.1 (347-353)
    Unit 6 Pack
    1. Drop by Drop or Flooding Free Response
    2. Water Use Survey
    3. Watershed Worksheets
    4. Determining GW Contamination
    5. XXWater Treatment Plant (Spring Only)
    6. Unit 6 Outlines
    7. Rethinking the Meat Guzzler
    8. GM Foods
    11. Soil Triangle/Calculations
    12. Soil Surveys and You
    13. XX Pesticide Spraying