• Unit 5: Sustaining Biodiversity
    Day 1 Friday 10/18/19
    I will identify how the Cane Toad became so successful as an invasive species of Australia.
    Return Unit 4 Packs
    Review Chapter 9
    Cane Toad Assignment
    Read/Outline: 9.3-9.4 (197-214)/Cane Toad
    Day 2 Monday 10/21/19
    I will identify the factors that cause organisms to become threatened/endangered.
    Return Unit 4 Tests
    Reading: The Siberian Tiger
    Finish Review of Chapter 9
    Data Analyis Chapter 9
    HW: Read/Outline 10.1 (217-228)/Cane Toad Assignment
    Day 3 Tuesday 10/22/19
    I will identify arguments for preserving large predatory species.
    Video: Living with Tigers
    AP Chapter 9 Review Questions
    Wolf Wars Reading
    Review Chapter 10
    HW: Read/Outline 10.2-10.3 (229-236)
    Day 4 Wednesday 10/23/19
    I will identify various species and the reasons why they are threatened/endangered.
    Reminder: Cane Toad Essay Due Day 6
    Video: Living With Tigers + Follow Up
    Final Project Research Time
    HW: Read/Outline 10.4-10.5 (236-247)
    Reminder: Cane Toad Essay Due Day 6
    Day 5 Thursday 10/24/19
    I will identify the various forms of forestry.
    Final Project Research Time
    Finish Living with Tigers if needed


    Loss of Biodiversity

    Day 6 Friday 10/25/19
    I will diagram why biodiversity is an important component of a healthy ecosystem.
    Collect Cane Toad Essay
    Review Chapter 10
    Biodiversity Activity
    HW: Read/Outline 11.1
    Day 5 Monday 10/28/19
    I will link the number and intensity of wildfires with climate change and other anthropogenic causes.
    AP Review Chapter 10 questions
    Review Chapter 10
    The Age of Megafires:
    Review of Chapter 11
    Chapter 11 AP Review
    HW: Read/Outline 11.2-11.4
    Supplemental Reading: Under Fire, don't print:
    Day 8 Tuesday 10/29/19
    I will identify the various forms of fishing and aquaculture.
    Finish review of Chapter 11
    Chapter 11 AP Review
    Final Project Research Time 
    HW: O/L 11.5-6
    Review for Test

    Day 9 Wednesday 10/30/19
    I will identify challenges that imperil aquatic and marine biodiversity.
    Wolf Wars article and questions
    Bluefin Tuna 10 Items to take away from 1 of the article.
    HW: Study for Test
    Is Your Dinner Endangered
    Day 10 Thursday 10/31/19
    I will apply concepts of unit 5 on the assessment.
    Collect Unit 5 Pack
    Unit 5 Test
    HW: None
    Unit 5 Pack
    1. Living With Tiger Analysis
    2. Wolf Wars
    3. Biodiversity Activity
    4. 10 Takeaways from each of day 9 articles
    5. Outlines