• TAREA:         Contrato       ( Please print, keep first page for your reference, sign second page and hand in to Sra. Jakubik!)
    Every night you should be studying current vocabulary (that corresponds to the short story, soap opera, and/or oral quiz) that we are working on so that you will have the optimal class experience (listening, reading, writing and speaking using that vocabulary!) as well remember it long term.  Do not wait until the night before a quiz to study.   Keep up with homework nightly (15 minutes) and studying daily ( 15 minutes).
    Covers :   WHAT TO STUDY  (Use vocabulary lists at the end of each chapter and colored graphic organizer / NOTES to study) In addition, you may use www.audiria.com, or www.podcastsinspansih.org to hone your listening skills.
     Final exam components:                          Date         Points:
       Core writing (composition) :                      1/16            40
       Core speaking                                          1/18            40
       Core reading, listening and culture:           1/23            120
    Put together these components form 20% of the final grade in the course.  (MP 1 and MP2 make up the remaining 80%.)