• Objectives

    Here are the objectives for our Hamlet unit:

    Ø Examine the existence of and the effects of greed on individuals and society

    Ø Demonstrate an understanding of the text on four levels: factual, interpretive, critical and personal.

    Ø Identify the conflicts of man vs. himself and man vs. man resolved in the tragedy.

    Ø Examine the political struggles for power within a government as part of any historical era

    Ø Analyze the author’s intended messages about the nature of and the effects of revenge

    Ø Explore background information about Shakespeare, Elizabethan drama, and Hamlet.

    Ø Examine, paraphrase, interpret and analyze Shakespeare's use of language.

    Ø Practice reading aloud and silently to improve skills in each area.

    Ø Respond to the play in writing to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main events and characters in Hamlet as they relate to the author's purpose

    Ø Enrich vocabulary and improve understanding of the play through the vocabulary activities and quizzes prepared for use in conjunction with the play.

    Ø Relate the role of friendship and loyalty as they pertain human relationships and families

    Ø Decide about the role of the supernatural in the play and estimate the reality and illusion of Hamlet’s visions, as well as others’ visions of supernatural occurrences in the play

    Ø Examine and analyze the internal and external conflicts in the play, and how those things help to shape a character’s decision-making and actions.

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