• Unit 4: Biomes and Aquatic Biodiversity

     Lemon Shark-Mangrove Tree
    Day 1 Monday 10/7/19
    I will describe the different biomes of the world
    Return Unit 3 Packs
    Review Chapter 7
    Video: Biomes or activity
    Reading: An Eden For Sharks
    Read/Outline: 7.1-7.2 (148-164)
    Day 2 Tuesday 10/8/19
    I will idenitify the various reasons why sharks are a keystone species.
    Finish Chapter 7 powerpoint
    An Eden for Sharks (if needed)
    Birds and Bioaccumulation
    HW: Read/Outline 7.3-8.1 (164-172), Finish BB section ___
    Day 3 Thursday 10/10/19
    I will differentiate bioaccumulation and biomagnification.
    Return Unit 3 Tests
    Review Chapter 7-8
    Finish Birds and Bioaccumulation
    Video: Coral Reef Adventure
    HW: Read/Outline 8.2-8.3 (172-181)
    Day 4 Friday 10/11/19
    Stream Test: Mill Creek (Fall)
    HW: None
    Day 5 Monday 10/14/19
    I will identify ways that the coral reef has been damaged and offer solutions on ways to fix them.
    Chapter 7/8 Quiz
    Biological Testing Review
    Review Chapter 8
    Video: Coral Reef Adventure
    HW: Read/Outline 8.4-8.5 (181-187)


    Day 6 Tuesday 10/15/19
    I will identify the different features of fresh water ecosytems. 
    Finish Review of Chapter 8 
    AP Review: Chapter 7/8
    Dissolved Oxygen in Lakes
    HW: Review for Test
    Day 7 Wednesday 10/16/19
    Fieldtrip- Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Alt. Video:
    Day 8 Thursday 10/17/19
    I will apply concepts of biomes and marine/aquatic ecosystems on the assessment.
    Collect Unit 4 Packs
    Test: Unit 4
    HW: Read/Outline 9.1-9.2 (190-196)
    Unit 4 Pack
    1. Biomes
    2. Birds and Bioaccumulation
    3. Coral Reef Adventure
    4. Stream Survey (Fall only)
    5.  Wastewater Treatment Plant (Fall)
    6. Dissolved Oxygen in Lakes
    6. Outlines
    7. Current Events