Unit 3: Human and Natural Populations
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    Day 1 Friday 9/20/19
    I will use natural selection to determine reproductive success of various beetle species.
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    Collect Transect Campus Diversity Labs
    Case Study: Why Should We Protect Sharks
    Review of Chapter 4
    Lab: Natural Selection of Beetles
    HW: Finish Lab Questions, Read/Outline
    4.3-4.5 (88-95)


    Day 2 Monday 9/23/19
    I will identify key factors that contribute to evolution.
    Review Lab Questions
    Finish Review of Chapter 4
    HW: Read/Outline
    4.6-5.1 (95-112)
    Day 3 Tuesday 9/24/19
    I will explain and illustrate succession of a forest.
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    Review of Chapter 5
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    Succession Packet
    HW: Read/Outline 5.2-5.3
    Day 4 Thursday 9/26/19
    I will expain the difference between primary and secondary succesion.
    Finish Succession Packet
    Finish Review of Chapter 5
    Kahoot Review
    HW: Read/Outline 6.1-6.2 (126-135)
    Day 5 Friday 9/27/19
    I will identify variables that affect human population doubling times.
    Countries Category Activity   
    Final Project Research
    Review Chapter 6
    Video: World in the Balance
    HW: Read/Outline 6.3-6.4 (135-144)


    Human Population Dynamics


    Human Population Size

    Day 6 Tuesday 10/1/19
    I will analyze 3 different countries and challenges that they face in demographics.
    Chapter 4/5/6 vocab quiz 
    Video: World in the Balance
    Review Chapter 6
    Power of the Pyramids
    HW: Review Outlines/Quiz
    Day 6a Wednesday 9/25/19
    Guest Speaker- Deer Populations
    HW: Power of the Pyramids
    Day 7 Wednesday 10/2/19
    I will create a data table and population pyramid to determine future growth trends.
    Review Chapter 6
    Power of the Pyramids
    HW: Finish Power of the Pyramids


    Human Population Impacts

    Day 8 Thursday 10/3/19
    I will create a population pyramid and determine future growth trends.
    Power of Pyramids
    Reading: Enough Already
    Finish Chapter 6
    AP Review Questions
    Study for test
    Unit 3 Pack
    1. Natural Selection of Beetles
    2. Sucession Packet
    3. World in the Balance
    4. Power of the Pyramids
    5. Unit 3 Outline
    Day 9 Friday 10/5/19
    I will apply concepts of natural populations and demographics on the test.
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    Unit 2 Test
    Read/Outline Optional see Day 1 unit 4