• Unit 2: Natural Systems and Ecosystems Introduction
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    Day 1 Tuesday 9/10/19
    I will identify and diagram what the half life of an isotope look like.
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    Start Chapter 2 Lecture
    Half Life Lab
    Finish Chapter 2 Lecture
    HW: Read/Outline 2.3-2.4, bring books to class tomorrow.
    Day 2 Wednesday 9/11/19
    I will identify the concepts of chapter 2 on a review session.
    Group Activity- Jeopardy Review Question
    Prep of Chapter 2   
    Jeapardy Review
    HW: Read/Outline 2.5-3.1
    Bozeman Video:
    Day 3 Thursday 9/12/19
    I will identify the different levels of ecology.
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    APES Research Project Intro 
    Review of Chapter 3
    Eating at Lower Trophic Levels
    HW: Read/Outline 3.2-3.3 + join quizlet.com

    Bozeman Video:

    Ecosystem Ecology

    Day 4 Friday 9/13/19
    I will calculate the energy level savings when consuming at lower trophic levels.
    Finish Review of Chapter 3
    Eating at Different Trophic Levels
    Research: APES Final Project
    HW: Read/Outline 3.4-3.5 (66-77) quizlet:


    Energy Flow in Ecosystems


    Day 5 Monday 9/16/19
    I will calculate species diversity by the Shannon Index
    Vocab Quiz- Unit 2/3
    Shannon Index
    HW: Finish Shannon Index, Biogeochemicalcylelos, Food Diaray
    Day 6 Tuesday 9/17/19
    I will make a transect and collect 'species' around campus.
    Review Shannon Index
    Lab: Campus Diversity Transect/Parking Lot Lab (not spring semester)
    HW: Review for Test and Unit 2 Pack   
    Day 7 Wednesday 9/18/19
    I will calculate the species diversity on various campus transects.
    Lab: Campus Diversity Transect Lab
    Finish up all work in pack
    HW: See pack list
    Unit 2 Pack
    1.Half Life Lab
    2. Eating at Different Trophic Levels
    3. Shannon Index
    4. Unit 2 Outlines 
    5. Biogeochemicalcycleos 
    Day 8 Thursday 9/19/19
    I will apply concepts of Unit 2 on the assessment
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    Unit 2 Test
    Finish Campus Diversity Index
    Read/Outline 4.1-4.2