• Unit 1: Humans and Sustainability

    Day 1 Tuesday 9/3/19

    I will identify the major themes of environmental sciences.
    Assign Seats
    Student Data Profile
    Distribute Textbooks
    Laptop Assignment
    1. Teacher Website- Favorite
    2. Quia.com
    3. OneNote
    4. Phone- Remind
    HW: Finish Student Data Profile, Read and Outline Chapter 1, 1.1


    Day 2 Wednesday 9/4/19
    I will list and describe strategies to be successful in an AP science class.
    APES Bingo
    Chapter 1: Walk through/Lecture
    Introduce Current Event Project

    HW: Read Chapter 1.2-1.3; Current Event Project

    Day 3 Thursday 9/5/19
    I will describe what the Tragedy of the commons means and how we can identify solutions.
    Reading: The AP Student
    Tragedy of the Commons
    Finish Review of Chapter 1/Review Questions
    HW: Read Chapter 1- Outline 1.4 + CE Project


    Day 4 Friday 9/6/19
    I will calculate my environmental footprint and identify measures on how to lower it.
    Practice Quiz Questions
    Environmental Footprint Analysis
    The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg
    HW: Study for quiz/Take notes on Bozeman Video -->

    Review of Unit 1:

    Bozeman- Intro to APES

    Due Day 5:

    1. Outline (turn in)
    2. Current Events
    On OneNote (please organize)
    3. Tragedy of the Commons
    4. Environmental Footprint
    Day 5 Monday 9/9/19
    I will identify concepts of unit 1 on the assessment.
    Collect Unit 1 Pack
    Campus Scavenger Hunt
    HW: Outline/Read 2.1-2.2, Scavenger Hunt Document