• 3110 Honors Chemistry

    (18 weeks, 1 credit)

    Honors Chemistry offers a study of the relationship between matter and energy and the role that each plays in physical and chemical change. Students will learn the scientific methods of problem solving and will be expected to apply them in laboratory work. Students will learn to use laboratory equipment safely and correctly and will learn to record and interpret data from experiments. Laboratory work and assessments will challenge students to be creative and to give evidence of individual study.

    Honors Chemistry is intended for students who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science. The course prepares students to meet course expectations for advanced level courses such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, or AP Physics. For this reason, students are expected to be working above grade level in mathematics. Students planning to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, or other science fields should consider taking this course.

  • Welcome to Honors Chemistry

    Everything in the Universe is either matter or energy! Chemistry is the study of the interaction of the basic building blocks of matter (atoms and molecules) and energy. In course 3110 Academic Chemistry and course 3120 Honors Chemistry there are six units: Matter/Measurement, Atomic Structure, Compounds, Stoichiometry, Acids/Bases, Kinetic Theory, and Energy. Some course level essential questions that guide our instruction are:

    • How are matter and conserved in the universe?
    • How do atoms and molecules form bonds?
    • How is the periodic table organized?
    • How do we measure in chemistry?


How to Enter Scientific Notation into a Calculator