• 3101 Advanced Placement Chemistry

    (27 weeks, 1.5 credits)

    Advanced Placement Chemistry differs from Academic Chemistry in respect to the kind of textbook used, the depth of topics covered, the emphasis on calculations, the mathematical formulation of principles, and the type of laboratory work expected. Topics include matter’s structure and states, reaction types, equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics, and descriptive chemistry beyond that covered in Academic Chemistry.

    Advanced Placement Chemistry provides an opportunity for interested students to engage in an in-depth study of college-level chemical concepts. It is specifically designed to stimulate secondary students to higher achievement and eliminate duplication later in college. College credit or advanced standing may be obtained from many institutions for students who score 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement Test.

  • Welcome to AP Chemistry
    AP Chemistry is a 27 week course that typically runs during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th marking periods.  Below is a link to the course syllabus.
  • Textbook information:
    All students will be provided a textbook. In the past some students have opted to purchase a used book, from an on-line source like Amazon, to keep at home. If you wish to do this the information for the text is:   
    Chemistry: The Central Science, 13th Edition, Brown LeMay Bursten, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-357412-8
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    Password: CBEAST2016 

    AP Text

    AP Exam Resource:
     A very useful resource for class, homework and preparation for the AP Exam is the paperback book: Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam 2016 (updated each year) by the Princeton Review. It is not a class requirement, but it has proven to be a valuable learning tool.
    Cracking the AP Exam